Additional Features

Additional Features
Continuous Improvements/Lessons Learned – CMS notifies all users of continuous improvement opportunities and has an acknowledgment system to track who has reviewed the improvement opportunity. If no recent improvement opportunities exist, the system will randomly select a previous improvement for each.
Corrective Actions – all corrective actions are logged in CMS utilizing assigned users, estimated completion dates, estimated cost and schedule impact, etc. Notifications are pushed to user dashboards for completion notification to ensure that all corrective actions are promptly taken care of and closed out. Completed corrective actions are automatically moved into the continuous improvements system to ensure that everyone is aware of the completed corrective actions.
Vendor/Subcontractor Tracking – The approval process consists of a risk ranking system based off of the 3 previous years for TRIF, TR, LTI as well as WCB standings, EH&S program. Automatic notifications are sent to supervisors if a vendor or subcontractors annual review is approaching or if there is any change in the vendor’s approval status.
Journey Management – CMS’ electronic journey management system utilizes Google maps and eachemployee’s home address to calculate estimated travel times and notifies supervisors if workers failed to check in or complete their journey management trip at the end of a shift.
Sea File Integration – CMS is used to control the online file storage system that allows all employees within MPS to have real time access to all projects files regardless of location.
Automatic Push Notifications – The push notification system ensures that the proper supervisors and employees are aware of training certificate requirements, corrective actions, continuous improvements, etc. Notifications can be accomplished through automatic text messaging, emails, and CMS dashboard notifications.

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